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    Nishikigoi Show Classification

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    Nishikigoi Show Classification Empty Nishikigoi Show Classification

    Post  anubisram on Wed Feb 11, 2009 10:30 am

    Nishikigoi Classification

    Kohaku koi with red pattern on white ground. Part of
    the Gosanke group

    Taisho Sanshoku commonly known as Sanke, a relatively
    spotted sumi on a kohaku pattern no sumi on the head

    Showa Sanshoku commonly called Showa , a 3 colour koi (black, white and red)
    sumi is present on the head, sumi on the body tends to wrap around the body
    reaching below the lateral line, sumi on the pectoral fins (motoguro) and sumi
    appears in the mouth

    Utsuri Mono 2 coloured koi (black and either white, red or yellow)such
    as shiro utsuri, Hi Utsuri and Ki Utsuri. Sumi present on the head, body, mouth
    and pectoral sumi the same as Showa,

    Bekko basically
    a sanke with no Hi a white koi with black markings with no motoguro and never
    sumi on the nose. Includes Aka Bekko (red) and Ki Bekko (yellow)

    Asagi body
    of indigo / blue netting pattern Hi patterns appear along the side of the head
    and body and motoaka

    Shusui the doitsu version of Asagi

    Koromo indigo netting on a kohaku pattern

    Goshiki Hi pattern on an Asagi ground this is a member
    of the Koromo group

    Hikari Muji solid metallic colour

    Hikari Moyo patterns other than sumi on a metallic ground

    Hikari Utsuri sumi pattern on a metallic ground

    Tancho only plate of colour appears on the head only
    this can be red or black

    Kin Gin Rin diamond, reflective/metallic scales on the body

    Kawari Mono koi that do not belong in the above divided into 4 groups
    KARASUGOI, SINGLE COLOUR, CROSSBRED (Ochiba Shigure, Sanke shusui) and ODDITIES
    (Kanoko Kohaku,Sanke,Showa, Kage Utsuri)

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    Nishikigoi Show Classification Empty Re: Nishikigoi Show Classification

    Post  sheryl on Fri Jun 05, 2009 7:09 am

    Thats a good idea Rich! I like this break down to show us the different koi types Smile

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