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    Post  chr1ssy on Sun Feb 08, 2009 6:31 am

    A kumonryu is black and white and doitsu but it has a specific pattern orientation. Its pattern is a lateral line pattern. In a classic and ideal specimen it is a wavy black pattern that runs along the lateral line and also up into the scales forming nine points. The first reference to kumonryu was that it was like a dragon pattern painted in indigo ink. It was also described as a dragon with clouds surrounding it. And in this description the imagination could see the nine points of the dragon ( this is a very liberal and poetic description that has the nine points of the dragon)!

    The secret on tosai selection is to stay away from those with ribbon like patterns as they eventually go away and you get a basically white koi. Look for them with a black body, white head and a little white showing on the shoulder. This strong showing of black seems to stick with them as they mature. Firstly, as with selecting any Koi the conformation of the fish has to be good. The white must be pure white (not yellowish). Any black that is up on the fish should be strong and thick. The pattern will change but the pattern you can discern must be linear rather than flowery. Young ones often have yellow heads. And sometimes these clean up as the fish grows but some remain yellow.
    The 'change' is based on age and also on water temperature. Colder water tends to make the fish blacker and warm water whiter, especially warm water for several seasons will tend to turn the fish white Disregard pattern, focus on quality and quality of skin & sumi with completely black eyes is a sign for strong sumi in future.
    1 Zippers across the back and down the lateral line (the most desired by koi elitists)
    2 Completely scale less
    3 Under skin blue = future sumi.
    The only thing you can look at on a Kumonryu is body conformation and if it catches your eye at the time of purchase as they are the ultimate chameleon of koi. So just sit back and enjoy the changes.
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