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    Bekko Appreciation

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    Bekko Appreciation

    Post  anubisram on Sat Feb 14, 2009 12:26 pm


    Within the Bekko show category there are 4 variants

    Shiro Bekko – white base with black pattern

    Aka Bekko – Red with black pattern

    Ki Bekko – yellow with black pattern


    Bekko literally means tortoiseshell. The earliest Bekko
    circa 1912 -1926. Most Bekkos today are a result of Sanke breeding and not
    produced in any great numbers

    Shiro Bekko are often confused with Shiro Utsuri. One way of
    distinguishing between the two is to think of the Bekko as a Sanke without the
    red and the following can also apply

    Sumi is mainly above the lateral line and is
    usually smaller and rounder than the Utsuri markings

    No sumi on the head or nose

    Never any motoguro

    No sumi in the mouth

    A good Shiro Bekko should have a clean white base (no
    yellowing) The sumi should look jet black, shiny and well defined. The highest
    quality sumi is blue based (Aizumi) . the pattern should be well balanced and is often said to
    appear like stepping stones in the snow

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    Re: Bekko Appreciation

    Post  sheryl on Sun Mar 01, 2009 1:45 am

    I love my Bekko!!I don't think they are to every ones taste.

    I have a Shiro Bekko – white base with black pattern !I like them and I guess it a down to personal choice.

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