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    Peter Waddingtons' new books on sale now

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    Peter Waddingtons' new books on sale now

    Post  anubisram on Thu Feb 26, 2009 1:10 pm

    ‘Koi Crazy’ by Peter Waddington

    A4 hardback book

    Price £27.50 plus £2.50p+p – total £30.00

    Description by the author:-

    ‘This book was written between 2005 to 2008 and the information within is as up-to-date as is possible for the hobby of keeping Koi in 2009. The contents page of the book gives a brief outline of all topics covered and the 11 chapters have been written to detail, in full, every aspect of each topic.

    I have written the book in mind of ALL classes of Koi enthusiasts, ranging from absolute beginners right through to those who are very experienced. Some pertinent information has been transferred from my first book ‘Koi Kichi’ in 1995, some has been transferred from my second book ‘Koi2Kichi’ in 2004 and the majority is new material I have prepared since then.

    In order to be able to retail this presentation at a very economical price today, I chose not to take up valuable pages with entire wasted pages, whole page photographs, oversized graphics and other embellishments which only serve, in my eyes, as very expensive padding. Instead, each of the pages in this book contains only ‘easy-to-read, black-on-white text and relevant photographs’ thus, as you will see upon inspection, every single page is full to the brim with accurate information.

    Having closely inspected the finished article, I consider this book to be the very best available today, (at any price), on the entire subject of keeping and understanding Nishikigoi.’

    ‘Mr. Peter’s handbook to the mystique of Yamakoshimura’

    by Peter Waddington

    An A5 hardback pocket guide containing 70 full colour pages and a unique new fold-out map of Yamakoshi

    Price £16.95 plus £1.05 p+p – total £18.00

    Description by the author:-

    ‘This handbook, produced in 2008, is intended to be a very comprehensive guide to all Koi enthusiasts worldwide if they are considering visiting this area. It is also written to give vital information on every page to those who have already made their first visit/s and may be still confused in some areas. For others, who do not intend to visit, it gives vital details of many famous and not-so-famous Nishikigoi breeders throughout this area which is the undisputed birthplace of Nishikigoi.

    I produced this book in A5 size to make it easily fit into one’s pocket whilst in Japan. The fold-out map (sold separately at £7.75) is included inside together with all the very detailed village maps are not available anywhere else in the world. It provides information as follows:-

    * Best times of the year to visit Yamakoshi.

    * Travel instructions from Tokyo’s Narita airport to either Nagaoka or Ojiya Cities.

    * Your bearings in relationship to Yamakoshi from either city.

    * Hotels, Car Hire, Restaurants and bars – full contact details for either city.

    * How to speak in Japanese with the breeders easily.

    * How to understand Japanese monetary terms easily.

    * Yamakoshi village maps detailing every breeder and contact details for each breeder.

    * Landmark pictures of ‘difficult-to-find’ locations plus breeder’s faces.

    * How to arrange shipping of Koi and full details of clearance on arrival back home to the buyers airport.

    Very little of the information in this handbook has ever been available before and it is the first book of its kind to be published.’

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    Re: Peter Waddingtons' new books on sale now

    Post  sheryl on Sat Jun 13, 2009 5:48 am

    Has anyone bought this book? If you have what did you think of it?

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